Unpaid parking tickets draw problems


DECATUR - Drivers who owe $100 in parking fines in the city of Decatur could find their cars immobilized with heavy metal “boots” that attach to one wheel.

Assistant City Manager Billy Tyes said the city has been using boots for several years in an effort to enforce parking rules, adding that drivers are notified weeks before a boot is attached to their cars.

“It’s not our goal to penalize people,” Tyes said. “We just want to encourage a following of the rules as it relates to parking and motor vehicle use in the city of Decatur.”

Specifically, Tyes said the city works to enforce parking time limits downtown.

“We need to … encourage vehicle turnover, so that people who are downtown shopping are able to come down and shop,” Tyes said. “We believe we have provided options for people who need to be downtown for longer periods of time.”

Tyes said that those who owe past-due parking fines but have not been contacted by the city can pay off those fines in advance to avoid future problems. He also said that trying to remove a boot from a car could lead to more fines.

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