Comptroller says State Needs to Pay for Domestic Violence Services


Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger talked about the impact the state's budget crisis is having on domestic violence providers and other nonprofits in Illinois.

Without a budget in place, the state is legally not able to pay domestic service providers for work they have done since July 1.

As WAND has reported, some centers have had to dig into their cash reserves.  Other service providers have had to lay off workers and cut services, and others have closed their doors.

The Director of DOVE, Inc. in Decatur warned of this happening locally.

"Ironically, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month," Munger said. "The best way to acknowledge and honor the efforts of our domestic violence providers this month is to pass a balanced budget so they can continue providing critical services to women and children in need."

"This is not a game, people are being hurt by the stalemate in Springfield," Munger said. "Enough is enough. It is time for the General Assembly and the Governor to come together and pass a budget so we can fund our critical services."

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