Taylorville Group Fundraising for Permanent Food Pantry Site


Taylorville - Food insecurity is an all too common problem in Taylorville.

Many families face it daily.  That includes the children who attend Memorial Elementary School.

Memorial school principal Nancy Ganci said that,"at my building it's 63 percent of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch."

Ganci said that without the help of government programs, and community groups, some children and their families would go without food.

"We have breakfast in the classroom program.  We have the federal free and reduced lunch program. I know pretty routinely that I'll have families that may be trying to get to the end of the month on whatever food they have," added Ganci.

"As the economy has changed, the need is greater than it ever has been," said Taylorville Food Pantry chairman Steve Robinson.

Robinson also said that the pantry serves between 450 and 500 people.

"We're servicing right now 200 families a month just opening up two days a week," we added.

The pantry is now collecting donations and contributions to build a permanent site on the town's east side where they will be able to have more room, more food, more programs, and hopefully serve more people.

"We're looking at growth and expanding our services and it's been a real privilege to be able to serve our community here and we're looking at going beyond," said Robinson.

Ganci added,"I think it just helps the families in terms of stretching their grocery budget a little bit."

To help you can make donations to the Taylorville Emergency Food Bank.

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