The Future of A Few Decatur Schools


DECATUR- The first open work session with the Board of Education in Decatur and their advisory council, FACES, Facility Advisory Committee for Exceptional Schools offered a venue for parents and community members to voice their concerns regarding recent issues with school buildings.

Currently, Stephen Decatur Middle School is only housing 360 students and it has the potential to hold more than 1,000. A problem that could be solved by moving, combining or renovating 2 of the most popular schools in the area, Garfield Montessori and Johns Hill Magnet School.

Superintendent Lisa Taylor said, “these programs that parents really want to send their kids to why are they so successful and how can we replicate so that we have waiting lists at every school that would be an even better problem to have."

Johns Hill became the topic of conversation as small groups divided up into work spaces with the FACES committee members to reach some kind of conclusion and fix to the very aging building

Johns Hill Parent Sharon Renfro said, “ We just want something that  promotes our image we want in our school and that is we are a phenomenal school so lets give our kids a building to be proud of."

The meeting was overflowing with attendees and the location will most likely change for the December 3rd workshop.

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