American Red Cross offering Halloween safety tips

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PEORIA - The American Red Cross is offering several Halloween safety tips for central Illinois residents this year.

American Red Cross Regional Chief Executive Officer Betsy Pratt says the goal is to make sure everyone has a good time while being safe.  As a result, officials are offering the following tips for costume safety:

- Use flame-resistant costumes
- Use makeup instead of masks, as masks can obstruct vision
- Wear light-colored clothing, and add reflective tape to bags and costumes

Additionally, officials say adults should plan trick-or-treating routes ahead of time, and should accompany their child as they make their way around the neighborhood.  Officials also say you should look both ways before crossing the street, and to do so only at a corner, to only visit homes that have a porch light on, and to never go inside any homes while trick-or-treating.

Finally, if you plan on hosting trick-or-treaters at your home, officials say you should make sure your outdoor lights are on, clear your yard and porch of any objects a child could trip over, restrain your pets, and utilize glow sticks instead of candles in jack-o-lanterns to avoid a potential fire hazard.

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