Decatur Public Library's response to the City of Decatur's request

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October 22, 2015

Re: 130 North Franklin Street (Decatur Public Library)

Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe,

Concerning the letter that was received at our monthly Library Board of Trustees meeting Thursday October 15th, 2015, as read and presented in your absence by Mr. Jerry Bauer and the Board would again like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Mr. Bauer and Ms. Wendy Morthland for their attendance in delivering your request.

We value your willingness to open formal communication to the Board and look forward to continuing discussions and ultimate resolution of this request in a timely and efficient manner. We agree and can sympathize with the many series of events that have transpired throughout the year that have brought us to our current situation. With newly elected members on both bodies having been appointed and settled into their respective responsibilities, now is the time to bring to reality what is best for the Decatur Public Library’s patrons, the City of Decatur, and its residents.

In response to your request that the title of 130 North Franklin Street be transferred to the City of Decatur, the Library Board of Trustees would consider transferring the property in question under the same or similar terms as the proposed Agreement between the Decatur Public Library and the Public Building Commission.

There is no doubt we agree the Library is a valuable asset to the community and we are all responsible for ensuring its maintenance and preservation for years to come. The Board of Trustees believes this response and request is the appropriate next step in fulfillment of our responsibility to the Library, its patrons and benefactors. Coming to understand, in full detail, the impact and benefit of the City’s proposal will allow us to take the path most beneficial for all parties.


John Phillips

The Library Board of Trustees

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