Central A&M Students Trick or Treating for a Good Cause


Assumption/Mowequa - You don't have to look far to see Halloween decorations in Assumption and Mowequa.

From the front porch to the front of Central A&M Middle School fall is in the air, and so is helping the community.

"We are going to take the concept of trick or treating, only instead of asking for candy, we're going to be trick or treating for canned goods," said principal Ryan Scott.

Scott said that this new take on trick or treating will have a life long impact on the students helping out in the community.

"It is a double benefit for the community and the kids of the school.  They get some self satisfaction of giving back, some intrinsic motivation, not to mention they're the next year's community members.  So we kind of want to condition them to think that giving back to the community is normal," Scott added.

That's a lesson his students are taking note of.

"It kind of gives everyone good experience doing this.  And the other thing, I think everyone has been wanting to do, since the beginning of the year, to give back for how much the community helps us out.  I think that's the big part.  Everyone wants to help give back," said student council co-president Jeske Maples.

The student council's other co-president, Hailey Wilson, added that,"our school and the community have a very good relationship.  They give to us and we give back to them."

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