Remembering 9/11 with a Piece of the World Trade Center


DECATUR - Bringing a piece of 9/11 back to the Midwest. John Axe, escort of the 1,500 lb steel beam that was recovered from the rubble of the World Trade Center attacks was proud to travel thousands of miles to bring this historical piece to the area.

Axe said, “I seen children come out from a grade school they were touching it saying it was a piece of history of course they weren’t even born then but they saw a video that morning I mean we don’t want to forget we do this to honor those who passed away in the towers.”

The beam made its way to Decatur in large part from the efforts of Eric Mueller and Lauren Axe of Mueller distributing.

Jim Gruen said, “We went to war over this and a lot of our soldiers lost their lives over this and just to touch it- brings tears to my eyes.”

The piece is apart of a larger memorial the city will be compiling in next September.

Michael Tarczan, Illinois Patriotic Group said, “It will be unveiled at a memorial that’s going to be off the Decatur lakefront next to the Beachouse and it will be unveiled next September 11, 2016.”

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