Charlie Parker's Breakfast Horseshoe Picked as Winner of Thomas' Breakfast Battle

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SPRINGFIELD - Charlie Parker's Diner is a landmark for the capital city, as is the horseshoe, which takes on a whole new look under the direction of chef Mike Murphy.

"What's more synonymous with Springfield than the horseshoe? The only tweak I made was using an English muffin. We normally use toast on the bottom, but I used an English muffin and to be honest with you, and you're going to find out here in a little bit, I think it's a great taste profile and it worked out well," said Murphy.

His culinary creativeness earned him $25,000 and the label of Thomas' Breakfast Battle champion.

"Wherever I go people give me shout-outs, 'hey I voted for you today,' or 'hope you win, when's the finals,' and all of this. It's been amazing," he added.

Mike Murphy said that while he's excited to win the $25,000, when it comes to spending it, there's only one thing he could think of and that's sharing it with his employees.

"This was money I didn't really have to work for. I didn't have to pay rent on this.  I didn't have to pay labor for this money.  I knew exactly what I was going to do. Especially when they said $25,000. I have 23 workers. I said give them all a thousand bucks. That was easy," Murphy said.

With the holiday's approaching that extra money means a lot to employees like Elizabeth Shaw.

"This isn't the first time he's done that. He's done a couple favors for a couple people over the years. And he's awesome. Right now, it means the world to us," she said.

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