State's Budget Impasse Continues; No End in Sight


Springfield - From lawmakers only meeting one day a month at the Capitol to a recent downgrade in the state's credit rating, Illinois is close to hitting rock bottom.

According to Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell,"we've been now months and months without a budget and there are real people being hurt.  This is just an example of dysfunctional government at its worst."

While top Democrats, like Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Senate president John Cullerton, fight for more money for social services the governor is pushing his turnaround agenda to make Illinois a business friendly state.

However, the reality is that those caught in the middle are the people of Illinois.

"It looks on the surface as lots of things are getting done and it's not that bad, but it really is a house of cards starting to collapse," said UIS political science professor Kent Redfield.

Redfield also said that while the governor may be making valid points in his agenda, he's causing irreversible damage at the same time.

"One of the major reasons we are in this situation is because the governor has no political experience and therefore he does not understand and has no feeling for the political process.  Everyday that goes past we add more to our budget deficit and unpaid bills.  And you're going to have to make those up at some point.  You don't ever get everything that you want.  In the pursuit of that agenda, even if you get it eventually, there may not be enough left to pick up," Redfield added.

Lawmakers aren't scheduled to return to the capitol until November 10th which would take Illinois into a fifth month without a budget.

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