Lottery Players Leaving Illinois to Win Money


Springfield - One of the old lottery sayings was that it "pays to play," but unfortunately this day and age in Illinois, that's not exactly the same story.  

If you have a winning ticket over $600, right now the state is sending you an IOU.

Lottery players along Illinois' borders are playing elsewhere including Indiana and Missouri.

"We go there on a pretty regular basis since my husband is from there.  It's the same distance from there from our home as it is from Springfield, so if we go there for any reason, we'll stop to buy some," said one player.

State representative Bill Mitchell said that while he's concerned about winners not being paid, that problem is small in comparison to others while the state continues to operate without a budget.

"Yes I'm sad with sorrow for the winners that will have to wait.  There's a zillion other entities that are waiting.  They're certainly in worse situations, and again, i would point to local communities that are not getting their motor fuel tax dollars," he said.

For some lottery player while the state continues to gamble on a budget crisis they'll play the odds elsewhere.

That is putting Illinois' winners in a losing situation.

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