Convey Health Solutions Brings Much Needed Jobs to Decatur

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Decatur - What was once the home of Star-Tek is now home to convey health solutions, yet another employer turning an unused building into a job provider in the city of Decatur.

"The story can be told when they were taking applications.  We had eight or nine hundred people who showed up with applications in hand looking for that opportunity and this is a great company for this part of the city to come and filling up the space that had been vacant for a couple years, but most importantly, putting people to work," said Decatur mayor Julie Moore-Wolfe.

Those are jobs that are much needed as the city continues grow and rebound from economic struggles.

"Right now, we're hiring our first 300 people then we'll probably get up to 500 team members by sometime around this time next year.  That's about the size we want at each site and is manageable and we think the community can support that well," said Convey Health Solutions executive vice president Jonathan Starr.

The company also said that Decatur's location, and efforts by city leaders, were what made it stand out as the lead candidate to build business here.

"This is our tenth location that we've opened up and Decatur really fit nicely into our long-term plan.  Great community leaders, their partnership was very important to us and we wanted to be in the center of the country.  We're on the east coast and the west coast, so this fit in nicely with our plans," Starr added.

Additionally, the company said it looks forward to being a long-term employer for the city of Decatur for years to come.

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