Gibson City Approves Resolution in Support of Police

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GIBSON CITY--He's been in law enforcement for almost 40 years and Gibson City Police Chief Steve Cushman says the push-back police are receiving across the country is unlike anything he's ever experienced.

"Right now what is going on simply because they have a badge on, or a uniform on, it's open season," said Cushman.

After officers from Texas to New York, and even here in Illinois, were shot and killed while serving, Cushman searched for something he could do to make a difference. He found his answer in Red Wing, Minnesota.

"I was told that they were the second community in the nation to come up with a resolution in support of law enforcement and police," said Cushman. "So I read that, I was real interested in it. My officers, like any of the other officers in the country could use a boost right now because they're certainly not getting it."

"Oh it was unanimous," said Gibson City Mayor, Daniel Dickey. "It was a unanimous vote that night. I don't think there was any question about not doing this."

On Monday night, Gibson City became the third community in the country to approve a resolution supporting its police department, asking lawmakers to continue funding their protective equipment, and assigning the 11 AM hour every Monday to remembering those who've died on duty by running squad car lights in silence for one minute.

"This is an opportunity for those who believe in law enforcement, the need for it, the honor of it, to stand up and say something," said Cushman.

Police departments in surrounding communities are standing up and expressing interest in adopting the policy as well.

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