Potential Tax Hike for Residents


DECATUR- An increase is property taxes could be the future for Decatur residents.

District 61 hasn’t requested a tax levy increase in 4 years but this year due to various issues with potential possible tax caps on property taxes, officials have put in a request of .28 cents increase.

Superintendent Lisa Taylor said, “This is one of the many challenges for schools in Illinois right now we have no budget we do not have the revenues to fund schools like they should be for many years, they’ve promised a 92% funding level this year but really don’t have the revenues to support that and on top of that you’re talking about implementing tax caps which would then limit the districts abilities to generate revenues.”

The increase would take the average $100,000 home and increase the property taxes by $93.00 per year.

COO of the District Todd Covault said, “Any increase is not going to be favorable we understand that and with the crisis of the state and the inability to fund general state aid we have to make sure we protect our ability to educate students at the local level.”

The board of education approved the levy but will be holding a public hearing December 8 at 6:30 at the Keil Building.

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