Federal Grant For Innocence


    SPRINGFIELD- Federal funds coming to the Illinois Innocence Project, IIP. Since its inception IIP, has helped free 8 individuals after they were wrongly convicted and served time in prison.
Their efforts have caught the attention of the federal government and Friday afternoon Senator Dick Durbin announced a grant of $753,958 to the program in efforts to focus more on the Latino population which currently faces more issues due to language and other barriers. 
Founding Director of the IIP Larry Golden said, "when I walk somebody out of prison who has actually been innocent and i look at how they have survived as human beings and the fact that we're trying to give them back a piece of their life the only word I've been able to come up with is its a blessing to be able to do that kind of work."
Senator Dick Durbin agreed that flaws of the system have lead to wrongful convictions.
Durbin said, "mistakes were made either in the arrest in the prosecution in the incarceration of individuals who were innocent."
More information on the Innocent Project head to their site http://www.uis.edu/illinoisinnocenceproject/

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