Macon Co. Sheriff warning for Sgt. Miller Phone Calls

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MACON COUNTY – The Macon County Sheriff’s Department says they have received calls from citizens saying they were called by a person impersonating a sergeant.

Citizens say they received a phone call from a person identifying themselves as Sergeant Miller with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. The individual then tells the citizen they have a warrant for that person’s arrest.

These calls are coming from the phone number 217-219-1505. A search of this number indicates it is from Carthage, Illinois. Most of the people reporting these calls indicated a message was left on their voice mail.

Macon County authorities say they do not have a Sergeant Miller in their department, and that this is a scam.

Those who have fallen victim to this scam should contact the local law enforcement to file a report.

For additional scams, visit the “Elder Abuse Hotline & Scams” tab of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page.

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