New Clues in Cassano Murder Case on 6th Anniversary of Her Death


MAHOMET--Six years after a young Mahomet woman was murdered, her killer remains on the loose, and Holly Cassano's mother says her daughter's death haunts her everyday.

"I still feel today the same way I felt six years ago," said Toni Cassano. "I hurt today just as much as I did then."

On November 2, 2009, Toni Cassano discovered her 22-year-old daughter Holly dead in her Mahomet mobile home. Holly suffered several stab wounds and was a victim of sexual assault.

On the sixth anniversary of her murder, family, friends, and even investigators came together to help Toni heal.

"They are just a wonderful support team and they go out everyday, and they work this case every day," said Toni.

Detectives remain committed to finding the killer.

"We gained another lead this weekend," said Lt. Curt Apperson, of the Champaign County Sheriff's Department."And we came in yesterday, investigators came in yesterday, on a Sunday, on their day off, to follow up on that lead."

They're continuing to follow up on this new lead, while awaiting results on DNA samples they sent for testing.

They're cautiously optimistic that these developments could help them close the case.

"Information was presented to us six years later. And now we're going to have to go back and find this person. That's what's frustrating like if we had known this then, it may be a different story," said Apperson.

Toni has faith the story surrounding her daughter's murder will have an ending.

"It's not an if, it's going to be a when," said Toni. "When they find this person it's going to have closure for the community. It's going to have closure for her friends. For me, it's going to let me know that this person can't hurt another family like they hurt my family."

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