State Treasurer and Others Call for End to Budget Impasse


Springfield - The state was supposed to have a new budget in place by July 1st, but as that date has come and gone.

Illinois is now in the 5th month of the new fiscal year without a budget.

"We're officially in crisis mode.  And the longer it takes to get a resolution, the deeper the impacts and Illinois simply cannot afford that," said Illinois state treasurer Mike Frerichs.

Frerichs was joined by AARP and seniors from the Springfield Senior Center on Monday to talk about how cuts due to the budget stalemate are impacting some of Illinois' most vulnerable.

Springfield senior John Zorn said,"this program has allowed me one really fine meal a day at noon.  They have transported me from my residence to here and back home all at a reasonable time and safely."

"I would really, really love to see the state budget go through and give the senior center the money.  I mean, what they do for other people, people have no idea," said Janet Miller, another senior at the Springfield Senior Center.

While his colleagues continue to battle over ideological differences treasurer Frerichs had a strong message to all of those elected to lead Illinois.

"It's my hope that the governor, Governor Rauner, and the General Assembly can look beyond their political differences and agree on a budget that restores critical services that eliminates uncertainty for the many families that rely state government funding," he added.

Lawmakers return to the Capitol next week on Tuesday.

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