Decatur Salvation Army Overflow Shelter to Open Soon

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DECATUR – The Salvation Army plans to open its Overflow Shelter on November 9. That will help an additional 25 homeless individuals who need a warm place to sleep at night.

Major Wes Dalberg, Corps Officer for The Salvation Army said, "If the weather turns worse prior to the 9th we will open the additional shelter earlier.” 

The Salvation Army turns one of its training rooms into a small emergency homeless shelter by providing cots, pillows and blankets for the homeless.

The Salvation Army will keep these additional beds operating until March 2016.  

“During the winter months, all the shelters in the area fill up and there are still people looking for a warm place to sleep. We are in contact with the other shelters in Decatur. When they tell us they are full, we open this additional room. And we know it is appreciated, just from the comments we receive from the people who otherwise would be looking for a place out in the cold,” added Dalberg. 

The Salvation Army Shelter is full every night of the year.

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