Motor Fuel Tax on the Table in Decatur City Council

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DECATUR - Potholes are a familiar sound on Decatur Streets.
They're getting pretty bad and we're going into winter so they're gonna get worse" says a Decatur Resident.

But a Motor Fuel Tax could help improve the streets. 
 "I was actually shocked when i came into the town that it did not have a motor fuel tax" says City Manager Tim Gleason.
In this week's council meeting he brought up ideas of new revenue streams to take care of items currently over-looked. 
"This would be dedicated to exclusive items that honestly  otherwise would not be address these are things that the general fund cannot cover" Gleason continues. 

 For each penny in motor tax -- 300 thousand dollars would be raised and with Gleason's suggested 4 to 5 cent tax that could add up to 1.5 million dollars all, for one purpose. 
To fix Decatur roads -- including residential streets and sidewalks.
Gleason says: "Those would not have been addressed in a very long time so I'm trying to create a revenue source." 

Residents seem to be ok with idea of paying more at the pump especially knowing the money is specifically going to fixing the roads and sidewalk:
"Yeah definitely now with gas prices being so low but if you would have asked me that a few months ago when prices were $3.20, probably not." 

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