Kraft Announces Cheese Production Move, Eliminating Jobs

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CHAMPAIGN – Our partners at the News-Gazette report Kraft will be eliminating jobs at its Champaign plant as a result of moving cheese production operation to other locations.

The News-Gazette writes that Senior Vice President of Corporate and Government Affairs at Kraft Heinz Michael Mullen released a statement saying they will be moving Champaign production to other factories within Kraft’s network.

Mullen expects there will be job losses in Champaign due to the move which will take approximately 24 months to complete.

News-Gazette reporter Debra Pressey also writes that Craig Rost, executive director of the Champaign County Economic Development Corp., said Kraft did not inform local officials about the job losses. The article also reveals Mullen said that the company is “committed to remaining transparent with employees as more information becomes available in months ahead.”

Rost told the News-Gazette that he plans to be in touch with Kraft during the coming months.

There are currently about 1,800 people employed by Kraft in Champaign.

The full coverage from the News-Gazette is available here:

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