Lake Land College to Suspend MAP Grants for Spring Semester


Mattoon - Many students choose community colleges for the affordable price of education.

"We are working really hard to make sure that we provide a full educational for our students this spring semester," said Lake Land College vice president of student services Dr. Tina Stovall.

However, as the state's budget impasse continues Stovall explained that the school will be suspending MAP grants for the spring semester.

"Unfortunately at this time with the future uncertainty, we're not going to be able to again be able to apply map awards to student accounts for the spring semester," Stovall said.

That's leaving many students wondering how they will be able to afford an education.

"Being a student alone is hard enough, but being able to try and time crunch it and work and go to school at the same time and having the money from work to pay off all the loans that you have is going to be very, very, very hard," said student and MAP recipient Caleb Moody.

State senator Dale Righter says while it's tough to know that some students will go without their map grant dollars, he says this is just another example of the tough situations at the Capitol between republicans and democrats as the budget impasse continues.

"I truly feel for those students who will have to make that choice between education and not education, or going out and borrowing money.  It's another, in a long list of examples, of troublesome issues that have come up.  Down the road, more and more people are just going to get hurt," said Righter.

Righter and other lawmakers return to the Capitol on Tuesday.

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