Bright Lights of Broadway to Decatur


DECATUR-Broadway and its stars are coming to the Lincoln Square Theater and bringing their talents to the young talent here in the area. 
Brian Noonan who played the phantom in Broadways, "The Phantom of the Opera" brought his acclaimed group, 'The Unexpected Boys' to perform at the Lincoln Theater. Also, hosting a audition workshop for young teens 11-18. 
Noonan said, "The other three gentlemen who are with me we've done master audition workshops all over the country we really get a kick out of helping young kids hone and perfect their auditioning skills."
Member of The Unexpected Boys Don Brewer said, "I grew up in a town in Michigan much like Decatur and we have a theater sitting there dormant and its kind of exciting for me to see this and the arts alive in the Midwest, I think its great."
The performers chosen will have a chance to sing and dance alongside the group during Saturday's show. 

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