New Unemployment Insurance Benefits to Impact Employees

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SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner says his administration has reached an agreement with business groups and labor organizations to reform and improve Illinois’ unemployment insurance system.

Rauner says it’s a step in the making the state more competitive. 

The Illinois AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Tim Drea says, “Unemployment insurance negotiations are always difficult, but all parties were committed to the process and an equitable agreement was achieved.”

A person would not be eligible for unemployment benefits if they damaged an employers’ property, consumed alcohol, or illegal or non-prescribed drugs during work hours, and knowingly or repeatedly violated reasonable written attendance policies of an employer

Under the current law, a worker could still be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if any one of the above items occurred in the workplace. 

For the first time ever, these common-sense reforms will be implemented, creating a more fair and stable unemployment insurance system.

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