Lawmakers Return to Capitol Tuesday to Address Budget Impasse


Springfield - From the closure of the Illinois State Museum to the possibility of local communities unable to prepare roads for winter weather, it seems as if there is no end to the struggles facing Illinois during the current budget stalemate.

"We've got a lot of opportunities throughout the state, regardless of what it is, and we need to get the word out," said IDNR director Wayne Rosenthal at hearing discussing the future of the Illinois State Museum earlier this year.

"We do, and I think we need to do a better job of promoting this great jewel right here in Springfield, Illinois," added state representative Donald Moffitt.

With winter around the corner, Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell is worried local communities won't have tax dollars to battle snow and ice on roadways.

"The longer we go without a budget, the worse it gets.  Small rural townships, the winter is approaching, are they going to have motor fuel tax money for salt on the roads?" asked Mitchell.

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