Governor Rauner Backs Down On Childcare Subsidies -- Budget Impasse Update

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SPRINGFIELD -- Across Central Illinois many families rely on state subsidies to help pay for childcare 
But earlier this year, because of the budget impasse, Child Care Resource Services was on the chopping block and Senate Bill 570 was introduced.

But to combat that bill Governor Rauner is backing down... In a statement Monday his administration announced it would  amend the emergency rule it filed at the beginning of the fiscal year:
"“As a result of bipartisan discussions with legislators concerning the future of the Child Care Assistance Program, the Rauner administration today plans to amend the emergency rule it filed at the beginning of the fiscal year.  Under the amended rule, income eligibility will rise to 162% of the federal poverty level while current co-pays will remain intact. Other eligibility and restrictions will also be lifted pending further review and legislative consultation. Additionally, the governor's office will establish a bipartisan, bicameral task force aimed at ensuring the long-term stability of the program."

But for some in support of senate bill 570 that move is not enough. 
Anne Yarbary is a home day care provider who has had to turn parents away
" For him to say he's restoring it to 165% that's just  not enough... We still have parents hurting and the child care program destitute." says Yarbary

While the program may not be back to it's original standards others believe it's a step in the right direction.
"We have some families that are in school and this will help them be able to pay for childcare... We have to have a balanced budget there has to be a compromise" Says Cindy Bardeleben of Baby Talk in Decatur.


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