Long Travel to get to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


The sale of medical marijuana has begun on Monday in Illinois. Five licensed dispensaries are now open across the state. These dispensaries are located in Addison, Canton, Marion, Mundelein, and Quincy. More are scheduled to open in November, but for people who need medical marijuana now, the shops aren't opening up fast enough.

"At the time, they told me there weren't any dispensaries open, so I might want to wait on registering. So I’ve been waiting for the dispensary to open that I’m authorized to use," said a cancer patient living in District 9 who wanted to remain anonymous. "They haven't given me a time-frame. I have to keep checking online and go from there."

He said, he was accepted into the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) back in March of 2015. Since then, he had surgery and chemotherapy.

"The doctor agreed that it is a viable form of treatment as far as nausea and weight gain," he said.

Over in Canton, at the Salveo Health and Wellness Dispensary, it opened its doors on Monday. Our partners at WEEK-TV report, a Multiple Sclerosis patient was one of the many in line.

Timothy Stallings of Macomb said, "If I don't have cannabis, my limbs want to tighten up and I want to curl into the fetal position and I’m just miserable all the time. One puff and I can get up and move around. Not the greatest, but at least I can move."

Stallings traveled nearly 42 miles for a puff of medical marijuana.

The anonymous Sangamon County resident understands he will have to travel far to get medical marijuana. That is if he wants it now, because he can only register at one location. With none close to where he resides, he has to travel a longer distance.

"Hopefully, it will be available before I either don't need it or can't use it anymore,” he added.

If he decides to change dispensaries to one closer to Sangemon County, he will have to resubmit his application, then employees at the Illinois Department of Public Health will either accept his application or deny it. If accepted, he can switch districts.

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