Monticello Mayor Resigns Due To Health Issues


MONTICELLO--Chris Corrie is no stranger to the symptoms of Lyme disease: the mayor of Monticello since 2009 has been battling the illness for 14 years. But recently, his condition took a turn.

"There's just no escaping the fact I'm getting worse and not better," said Corrie.

It started with a tick bite, which is how the disease is contracted. Then comes the fever, headache, chills, fatigue, and sometimes, a rash.

Last year, there were 233 confirmed cases across the state.

"If you find it soon enough the treatment is oral antibiotics," said Jim Roberts, Director of Environmental Health at the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. "But sometimes people don't make the association between their symptoms and being bitten by a tick so there can be long-term symptoms."

Corrie takes antibiotics periodically to help ease his symptoms, but his Lyme disease is chronic.

"You might have drooping of the side of the face, you might have stiffness of the neck," said Roberts. "You can have some, maybe some memory loss. And you can also have dizziness as well."

"General feeling bad, not having any energy, high blood pressure, and I won't get into a lot of the specifics because they're personal health issues," said Corrie. "But it's made it very difficult to do a good job as mayor."

Corrie says aging and stress increased the effects of his illness and his doctors gave him an ultimatum.

"I need to focus on being healthy and eliminating some of the things that are causing me to get worse and possibly one of them is being the mayor," said Corrie. "So I had to give that up."

Corrie announced his immediate resignation from his mayoral duties Monday night.

Now, he'll spend his time focusing on his family, his business, and his health.

Nominations for his replacement could come as soon as next Monday's council meeting.

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