Tips on Driving in Severe Weather

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DECATUR - Driving in the rain is already a tough feat for many -- add heavy wind, like Wednesday night and your car could have a mind of it's own
But just in case you need a little help Lieutenant Jamie Belcher of the Macon County Sheriff's Office has a few tips for you.:

"Be prepared for anything and everything  and keep two hands on the wheel." says Belcher 
And while distracted driving is a growing problems with severe wind your car needs your full attention

"Leave your phones alone your car needs your full attention, focus on the road obviously things get blown into the road like garbage cans or tree branches." 

If that does happen, don't swerve Lt. Belcher says its OK to just hit it the item in the road. 
"When you swerve you have a greater chance of hitting it, a plastic garbage can is not going to cause as much damage as hitting an oncoming car" Says Belcher.

Three tips to keep you safe with two hands on the wheel all adds up to one safe drive. 

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