Piece of Veteran's Life Lives on as Family Receives Lost Momento

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DECATUR – The annual Veterans Day banquet had a different component this year as one family was reunited with a piece of memorabilia from their fallen brother who served during WW2.

93-year-old Guy Hawkins said, “I was completely taken aback when I was called and told that they had a bracelet that belonged to my brother. It’s been 70 years, you know, and opening that chapter again that I thought had been closed all this time.”

His brother Robert Hawkins was 19 years old when he was serving in Germany as a pilot when during a mission his engine suffered issues and crashed. In the rubble, his pilot bracelet was recovered by a German family and kept until now.

David Freyling, Chair of Veterans Commission in Macon County, said, “The logistics behind this had to be amazing because to find something from Germany, and then, we had it traced back here to the United States then the United States had to trace it back there.”

The process took months, but it was one that was well worth the wait for Hawkins and his family.

Guy said, “It’s something to remember my brother by and I am sure my family and I will be very proud to have.”

A piece of history returned home 70 years later.

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