Voters Share Concerns About State with Lawmaker


Decatur -  Voters around the state are unhappy with the direction the state is going.

Lawmakers, like Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell, want to hear their concerns.

"All of the states around us have grown 80 percent.  Ours is down though," said one voter at Mitchell's listening tour in Long Creek on Thursday.

That was just one of several concerns voters addressed with Mitchell.

Other voters say they're concerned with the direction the state is going.

"We need to get jobs in the state in order to have the revenue for a budget.  That's the biggest thing the state needs; is jobs," said one voter.

While lawmakers have failed to pass a budget to be signed by the governor voters have been taking note, and for Mitchell, hearing their concerns is a reality check for all lawmakers to get the job done.

"I would stay there and let's get something done.  I've told the governor let's just get it done.  Madigan hasn't called us back.  He needs to call us and keep us there.  I mean if we had to stay in Springfield we would get something done," said Mitchell.

Until then, concerned voters are left wondering how long, and what it will take exactly, to get Illinois back on track.

"You're still hearing the same crap.  We're going to leave Illinois," said another voter.

Members of the House return to the Capitol on December 2nd, while the Senate is not scheduled to return until January.

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