Potential Liquor License Increase Causing Concern for Restaurant Owners


DECATUR-  A potential liquor license increase is concerning for many business owners.
The current liquor license fee is $2,000 the potential change on the agenda for the City Council could make that increased by $3,000. 
The Wharf Owner Matt Sites said, "Nobody is for this increase obviously us as the locally owned businesses who work together everyday to give back to the community its us who are going to be hurt by this."
Revenue generated from this increase would go toward an urban revitalization program supported by the City Manager.
Owner of Robbie's Rodney Powell said, "a lot of these places may be able to absorb it like chains but as far as the mom and pop local shops go its a tough bottom line here in the restaurant business."
Many business owners have banned together and drafted a petition to object the proposal and are ready for Mondays meeting. 

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