Community Reacts To Possible Gas Tax Increase

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DECATUR – Another gas tax could occur causing residents to pay an additional .05 cents per gallon.

City Councilman Pat McDaniel said, "Everything is hurting. I mean, everything is going up. All communities are struggling, and this is even without dealing with the state situation."

The increase would go towards revenue for city road repairs. The City Manager is also hoping to generate funds for an urban revitalization renewal.

Motorists WAND News spoke with were across the board vocal about the increase.

Rich King said, "I don’t agree with it. I think a lot of people will try and go outside Macon County if they can. I mean it’s not that we don’t need to fix the roads; it’s just that money doesn’t go where it’s supposed to go in this town."

Russ Stuart said, "Money doesn’t fall out of trees. You gotta do something with it. If that fixes it up, that’s better. The roads are bad if you have to pay a little tax, you have to pay a little tax."

Monday evening (November 16), the city council will hear the proposal and either approve or motion to table the topic for an additional study session.

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