Marshall Clinic Effingham SC planning to merge with Springfield Clinic

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SPRINGFIELD – Marshall Clinic Effingham, SC officials announce they will be merging with Springfield Clinic starting January 1, 2016.

Dr. Jason McAllaster, DO, says this merger is what is best for the nine doctor and eleven advanced practitioner medical team and their clients.

“The practice of medicine has evolved dramatically over the past several years, and it has become increasingly complex to manage an independent medical practice like ours,” McAllaster explains.

Aside from its headquarters in Effingham, Marshall Clinic serves the region through a network of satellite offices in Altamont, Louisville, Neoga, Newton and Stewardson. This merger will establish Effingham and Marshall Clinic’s five regional offices as Springfield Clinic’s southernmost satellites in its service region.

Current patients of Marshall Clinic can expect continuity of their medical care following the January 1 merger. All locations and contact information for Marshall Clinic medical offices will also remain the same; however, the staff will now join the Springfield Clinic team.

Springfield Clinic will also honor all Marshall Clinic’s current in-network insurance plans. Joining Springfield Clinic will also link Marshall Clinic patients to more coverage options.

Both Marshall Clinic and Springfield Clinic use the same electronic health record system and patient portal, so patients will not see a change in how they interact with their providers digitally.

Minor changes, including signage of all six locations, can be expected as the group prepares for the January 1 transition. Patients can contact any Springfield Clinic location with questions after the merger by calling 217-528-7541 or toll free at 1-800-444-7541.

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