Macon County Sheriff's Office warns of new phone scam

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MACON COUNTY - The Macon County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of a new phone scam making its way through the area.

Authorities say they have received multiple reports about a person identifying himself as "Detective Benson" calling individuals, stating he has a search and seizure warrant for a property.  The caller advises the victim that they should call him back at (217) 695-4981 in order to make arrangements to go to the property and serve the warrant.

Macon County Sheriff's Deputies say this is a scam.  Officials also say the phone number is no longer is service, but is connected to a cell phone from Strasburg.  Additionally, officials say no law enforcement agency in Decatur employs a Detective Benson.

If you receive a call similar to the one described, you are urged to hang up the phone and not give out any personal information or agree to meet anywhere.  Citizens are also encouraged to call the Macon County Elder Abuse Hotline at (217) 615-7582 to report any suspicious calls.

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