Morgan County Welcomes 911 Texting


Morgan County - Morgan County's 911 dispatch looks like your typical command center, and they handle calls for a variety of emergency needs, but now, taking a call may mean looking at a computer screen.

That's because the county is now equipped with 911 texting according to the Morgan County Emergency Management director.

"It doesn't work over, per se, a Wi-Fi network or a plug-in app you may have on a network.  It works over the actual cellular data network," said Phil McCarty.

McCarty also said that the average person will probably still use the traditional way of calling 911 in case of emergencies, but he says with this new texting technology it'll be very important for the visually impaired and those with severe speech impediments.

"The people that are deaf or people that can't speak, or people that may be unsafe for them to speak, they can now text us.  We feel with our deaf population, not only at the school, but as well as within our community it's time for us to provide that service," added McCarty.

He also said that texting 911 is as simple as texting friends or family, and once the text is sent, operators at the command center respond through a computer in real-time.

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