Rod Blagojevich files SCOTUS appeal Tuesday

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ILLINOIS – Former Governor Rod Blagojevich filed another request today (November 17), asking the US Supreme Court to hear an appeal on his corruption convictions.

Blagojevich, now 58, is serving a 14-year term at a federal prison in Colorado after being convicted on 18 corruption charges in 2011, including his bid to sell an appointment to President Obama's former Senate seat. However, nearly two years after those convictions, in July 2015, a lower court tossed out five of those conviction.

Blagojevich now wants the US Supreme Court to toss out the rest.

SCOTUS traditionally gets about 10,000 annual requests but only hears about 80 cases a year. The court could decide that Blagojevich's case raises unresolved questions about where to draw the line between the legal and illegal trading of political favors.

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