International Students Reflect on Paris Terror Attacks

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DECATUR - It was a somber afternoon as students and staff reflected on the unrest in Paris, France. Several terror attacks rocked Paris last Friday leaving international students at Millikin University worried about their loved ones.

"My dad sent me a message saying everything is okay. Your sister is with me so don't worry," said one student from Paris.

This heart wrenching news makes it difficult to focus in the year program at Millikin he said.

For people to join together in solidarity, Millikin University students at the Center for International Education held a vigil on Tuesday to remember more than a hundred people killed and their loved ones still shaken up.

"It is difficult for us to be here. We want to go back to see our families and hopefully they are safe," said Louis Veyret an international student from France.

During the program, all locked hands, had a moment of silence and listened to a few individuals give encouraging words.

Veyret is thankful for another day and he sends well wishes to those miles away.

"I want to say to my family and friends be safe and we are coming back soon and we're thinking about you," added Veyret.

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