Community Leaders Helping Schools During Tough Financial Times


Taylorville - This is American Education Week and while students work hard to earn a good education, teachers are trying to do more with less to provide that education.

"We have a lot less funding, and because of that we reach out to the community who are always very gracious and willing to step up in anyway we want," said Kelly Millburg, the Title 1 Reading Specialist for Taylorville's Memorial Elementary School.

As schools all across the state continue to try and find ways to provide more education with less resources, community minded members become essential in filling that gap.

When he's not volunteering as a guest reader in Taylorville schools, Greg Brotherton is the mayor of Taylorville.

With tough financial times for small schools like Taylorville, he says it's important for community leaders like him to step forward and help.

"Schools need our help and the thing we can't ever forget is these young people are our future citizens and we need to develop that relationship.  And they need to know that we care about them and that we're actually trying to help them," said Brotherton.

Other volunteers will visit the school this week to be guest readers as well.

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