Park officials want to ban drones in local parks

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DECATUR – The Decatur Park District is discussing controlling unmanned aerial vehicles, or camera drones, at city parks.

Chief Park Ranger Ed Culp says drones are currently banned at all national parks, and he wants to establish regulations to prevent or limit their use in local parks as well. He says it's really a matter of safety.

"Should a sex offender get ahold of something like this? Should he be sitting off-site somewhere off park property and remotely operating this drone and videoing certain areas of the park, kids, so forth, which normally he wouldn't have access to?" Culp told WAND News.

"But this drone, it extends his criminal behavior," Culp adds.

Culp suggests banning drones entirely in Decatur parks, or imposing heavy restrictions. He would like to see the city council put an ordinance in place by this spring.

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