Champaign Paris Vigil - Wednesday Night

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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY – A moment of solidarity -- the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign community coming together to remember Paris.

"Although it happened across the globe, it is something that has and could happen here," says Freshman Shayne Snyder. Snyder along with a few friends came to the vigil Wednesday night.

"It just makes me sad that people have that much hate to kill innocent people" Lauren Southwood, who is also a freshman at the U of I, says. Snyder and Southwood were just two participants in a large group to keep Paris in prayers.

But it's more than just Paris, the event also mentioned other places where people live in terror and often in fear of their lives

"We're all citizens of the world and we need to stand together."

"Paris. Beirut. Peace." That was the theme of the night. A small way of letting Paris and Beirut know that America is standing with them.

But also to keep the students who are studying abroad in Paris in prayer as the University will allow them to continue their studies.

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