Unknown Financial Future for Decatur


DECATUR- The fate of Decatur's finances rests in the hands of city officials and City Manager Tim Gleason.
In an exclusive interview with Reporter Megan O'Dell, Decatur City Manager Tim Gleason addressed various issues surrounding the cities financial state. 
Gleason said, "its things that are going on in the community like declining property values which is a decline in property tax revenue and our main source of revenue for the city like sales and income tax they are a flat they've only increased over a 5 year period about half a percent."
Earlier in the week the city council shot down one of the three tax proposals Gleason was hoping to generate revenue from including a gas tax that's increase would go to funding rundown roads and areas in the city.
Gleason said, "that's trying to get into the neighborhoods whether its asphalt and concrete type of repairs which would have been tied exclusively to the motor fuel tax proposal."
The states financial situation is also another component to the disaster plan in place. Gleason shared that if the state does not pass a budget by January 2016 the city could be out $1.2 million. 
Another challenge for the new city manager. 

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