City of Decatur Encouraging Water Meter Upgrades

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DECATUR – City of Decatur officials say residents should upgrade their water meter to avoid an additional meter reading charge.

The City is in the process of completing its $23.2 million water meter upgrade project. Ninety-eight percent of the active water accounts have already been upgraded, but a remaining two-percent have not upgraded.

According to the City’s statement, the full benefits and cost savings of the project cannot be realized until these remaining meters are upgraded.

City water officials began assessing a $35 monthly meter reading charge to customers that received a final notice but still did not schedule an upgrade appointment. The fee is added to the customer’s Municipal Utilities Bill when their individual route is billed.

Officials advise that in order to save $420 per year on the meter reading charge, customers that still need their meter upgraded should call the City’s Water Services Division to schedule an appointment.

The water meter upgrade project is necessary to meet current water meter industry standards and eliminate the need to access customers’ properties each month. City officials also say this new technology will provide the ability to find water leaks sooner and save customers money.

Those still needing to upgrade can call 217-875-5705 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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