Thanksgiving Dinner Doesn't Have to be Unhealthy


Springfield - It's the biggest eating day of the year, but that Thanksgiving dinner comes with lots of calories.

According to registered dietician Charlyn Fargo Ware, of Hy-Vee's Springfield location, one plateful alone of thanksgiving favorites can equal about 2,300 calories, making it tough to be health conscience.

"And then if you go back for seconds, we could double that," said Fargo Ware.

Some holiday favorites can be pitfalls when trying to stay healthy during Thanksgiving dinners.  Cakes, pies, and other desserts, and holiday drinks such as eggnog and wine can really pack on the calories and sugars and ruin your healthy Thanksgiving plans.

"You can still have your pie and there are two ways you can lower the calories on that.  Either cut the slices smaller so do 8 or 10 servings out of it instead of 6.  And then, don't eat the crust.  Most of us do the stove top stuffing so a 150 calories for a half cup, but we tend to eat more than a half cup, so that's where that adds up.  If you do your own cranberries you can control the amount of sugar.  Put in some cranberries and some orange in there and just enough sugar as you need it," added Fargo Ware.

Instead of drinking holiday drinks like eggnog, Fargo Ware said that you could drink flavored sparkling or seltzer waters.

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