Local Options For Thanksgiving Food Could Benefit Your Wallet And Health

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DECATUR – A twist on a tradition while stimulating local economics.

More than 40 million turkeys will be sold this Thanksgiving. Many of them will come from popular grocery stores, but Heinkel's Meat Packing Co. has something to add some spice to the holiday spread.

President of Heinkel's Wes Heinkel said, "No one does it like Heinkel’s. We still use a 100-year-old brine recipe that was brought over from Germany on our holiday hams. Like I said, the 12-hour cook you're getting all the benefits of the German meat craftsmanship right here in Decatur, Illinois.”

Their popular 20 lb. bone-in ham will fly off the shelves for many reasons besides the 100-year-old German recipe. Producing meat local creates better quality and health benefits.

Customer Kaid Walsh said, "It’s just nicer to know where your meat comes from. If you look at like Walmart, places like that have meat they could load their meat with preservatives or with antibiotics and just extra stuff that you just don’t normally see naturally."

Wes said the plant will sell more than 25,000 lbs. of their Bone-In ham for Thanksgiving.

For more information on their menu and nutritional facts head to their website: http://heinkelspacking.com/

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