Decatur officials urging residents to upgrade water meters

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DECATUR - Decatur officials are urging residents who have not upgraded their water meter to schedule an appointment to do so in order to avoid additional meter reading charges.

City officials say 98 percent of active water accounts have made the upgrade, and that it is vital that the remaining two percent make the upgrade in order for the full benefits and cost savings of the project to be realized.  Customers who have not yet made the upgrade have received a $35 per month water meter reading charge added to their Municipal Utilities Bill, beginning in May 2015.

Officials also say the upgrades are needed to meet current water meter industry standards, as well as to eliminate the need to go to customers' properties every month.  Once upgrades are made, that customer will no longer be charged the extra $35 per month.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for an upgrade, call (217) 875-5705.

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