Fire Fighters Offer Tips to Stay Safe During Holidays


Taylorville - Some swear by it, saying that a deep fried turkey is the best tasting turkey.

If you ask a fire fighter, fried turkey can come with risks.

Taylorville fire captain Ron Smith said,"a lot of people want to cook right by their house, and that's not a good idea when you've got a flammable liquid.  Seems thing to go wrong there and it's easier for the house to catch fire."

He also said that even cooking in the kitchen can have unforeseen dangers.

"Too much of everybody's cooking with all of the burners going and oven's going, and lose track of time, and you get a lot of smoke in the house and oven fires this time of year," he added.

In addition to potential hazards while cooking this holiday season, Captain Smith said that there are some hazards out there when putting up Christmas decorations.  That includes Christmas lights and candles.

"Too many plugins in one outlet.  A lot of people tend to like to have their lights on even when they're gone and that's not a good idea.  If something shorts out and you're not at home to catch the problem, and it can just grow from there into a house fire," he said.

Smith also pointed out that if you're wanting to light holiday candles, if the candle will be out of sight it could end up being out of mind and pose a hazard so it's best to avoid doing that.

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