Local Businesses Prepare for Small Business Saturday


Springfield - On Saturday, you won't have to wait in line for hours to find good deals, and you likely won't have to fight massive crowds, but that doesn't mean local businesses aren't hoping for the same kind of turnout on Saturday.

"It's kind of funny you see that they're bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of a day or two, and I'm thinking, why isn't this money hitting our stores?" asked Damien Killen, owner of Killen's Enterprises.

Del's Popcorn manager Sadie Davis said,"it helps to promote us more.  We get more business that way.  We are locally owned so all of the support and everything that we can get, we want to take the chance to use it."

Now that the after Thanksgiving sales and "Black Friday" sales are over, shoppers can look forward to "Small Business Saturday" here in Illinois.  For small business owners, this is a chance for them to compete with big brand stores.

"We have more of an opportunity for customers to choose their own baskets and make their own things," added Davis.

Killen also said,"I think if people would come to small businesses in town and look at what they have, they would be totally surprised and maybe blown away with the selection that's here in town that may never realized exists."

Nationally, shoppers spent nearly $14B at locally owned businesses on Small Business Saturday, which is an almost 2% increase from the previous year.

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