Staying Safe During Holiday Shopping.

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FORSYTH -- Holiday shopping means large crowds with money to spend, but it also means ample opportunity for crooks.

"Typically we do see an increase in crime with people breaking into cars, locked or unlocked cars." says Lt.  Jamie Belcher of the Macon County Sheriff's Department.

He wants to help your holiday shopping stay safe with a simple suggestion about your wallet: "put it in the same pocket each time so you know the feeling of it."

Tim Ward works in lost prevention at Bergner's in Forsyth, he says: "It's always heightened security especially around this time of year there are people who take things from other people."

Ward and Belcher offer these words of wisdom for mall goers:

  • Keep your items close on you. 
  • Try not to leave your valuables in your car, but if you do put them in your trunk,back seat or cover them with blankets in your car

The goal is to stay aware and keep holiday shopping from going wrong... Because crime doesn't take off for the holidays.

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