Governor Meets With Four Top Lawmakers Tuesday


Springfield - Illinois is now in the seventh month of the fiscal year without a state budget.

On Tuesday the governor met with top lawmakers in an effort to move closer to passing one.
To an extent, there was some common ground between the governor and the top lawmakers during the portion of the meeting opened to the public.
Both sides agreed there was a problem with Illinois' finances, both sides agreed it's getting worse, and both sides agreed its up to each other to fix it.
Despite part of the meeting being open to the public and media, most of the meeting was held behind closed doors.
While neither side was able to agree on a solution, both agreed there was a growing problem.

"You've wanted to pass business friendly bills, which I understand, but not having a budget is not too business friendly.  We don't even pay our lottery winners after they buy their tickets, so people stop buying tickets," said Senate president John Cullerton.

Minority leader Christine Radogno,"it's getting worse.  It's getting worse because we're not competitive with the other states around us.  We're not competitive with worker's comp.  We're not competitive with prevailing wage."

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